Al Wathba Prison

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Approximately 40 minutes out of Abu Dhabi Al Wathba prison is in the desert on top of a hill. It was built by the Germans to accommodate approximately 900 prisoners - it actually houses about 2000. In every sense this is a Top Security prison with 3 outer perimeter electrified fences, flood lights and cameras. The construction of the prison is basically steel sheets covered in concrete. The whole complex is open to the elements.

James Oakes (British Prisoner)

The prison, built for 800 inmates, houses 3000. The humidity is overwhelming as temperatures outside reach 50°C (122°F). The cell doors cannot be shut at night because too many bodies are competing for space to sleep on the cockroach-infested concrete floor. Fellow inmates are regularly flogged and Bamling has witnessed rape and suicide.

Gulf News (Oct. 28, 2000)

The couple are now incarcerated in a stinking, overcrowded prison where the toilet is an open sewer, the food is more often than not infested by maggots, and floggings are common..... The Foreign Office will not intervene in another nation’s legal system, even though the prison conditions have been condemned by Amnesty International as ‘inhumane and degrading’

Sunday Observer, London (Dec. 5, 2000)