ďYou Have No Rights HereĒ
A True Story about one Americanís 33 Months in a Middle East Prison
by Paul Ciceri

Categories: Political Science,Spirituality, Prisons, Law, Adventure, Human Rights
Description: This timely and chilling story provides a seldom-seen look from the inside. Paulís story, culled from notes smuggled out of prison and from letters to friends and family, provides a truly factual account of the happenings in Al Wathba, one of the most notorious Middle East prisons. A carefree holiday in Greece in the fall of 1998 turned into a nightmare when customs authorities in Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates, who had been forewarned, discovered a small amount of cocaine unknowingly stashed in Paul Ciceriís backpack. He was arrested and imprisoned. Paulís story, sometimes shocking, sometimes disturbing, often revealing, but always inspirational, puts the readers inside the walls of Al Wathba. A deep faith in God, the support of family and friends, the ongoing efforts of American Embassy staff to secure his release, and a strong will to survive helped Paul through his 1001-day struggle. Truly an inspiration to everyone who has faced adversity, Paul continued to thank God for his many blessings, even as he was subjected to cruelty and unfairness.
Rights Available: Publishing, audio, film, documentary in the United States (North Ameriaca) and worldwide.
Author Bio: Prior to moving to Kuwait from Orlando, Florida in 1997 to work for ELS Language Centers Paul Ciceri held positions with IBM Canada, Prudential Securities, and PaineWebber. In addition he owned his own personal training and massage business. At the time of his arrest he was Director of Marketing for ELS Language Centers for the Middle East and North Africa. He has authored five books for IBM and Construction Tips for New Home Builders and Creating a Successful Massage Practice. Paul holds degrees in Applied Mathematics and Financial Consulting.
Contact: Paul Ciceri
Website: youhavenorightshere.com
Telephone: 305-293-8531

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